Fireball Events

The St. Thomas Fireball [18-March-2014]

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Researchers at Western are interested in hearing from anyone living to the North and within 10 km of St. Thomas who may have witnessed or recorded this evening event, seen or heard unusual events at the time, or who may have found possible fragments of the freshly fallen meteorite.

Meteorites are of great scientific value. Note that, in Canada, meteorites belong to the owner of the land upon which they are discovered. If you intend to search, please obtain the permission of the land owner before searching on private land.

Meteorites may best be recognized by their dark and scalloped exterior, and are usually more dense than normal rock and will often attract a fridge magnet due to their metal content. In this fall meteorites may well occur in a small hole produced by their dropping into soil. Meteorites are not dangerous, but we request that any recovered meteorites be placed in a clean plastic bag or container and be handled as little as possible to preserve their scientific information.

If you have questions, observations or possible meteorites from this March 18th event, please contact:

  • Dr. Phil McCausland - Curator, Western Meteorite Collection
  • Phone: (519) 661-2111 ext-88008
  • Cell: (519) 694-3323
  • e-mail: pmccausl at