2005 News

What was happening in the Meteor Group in 2005:

Dec. 7:

* A very bright meteor was detected by 4 of the Sentinel cameras last night, the video files are posted here.

Aug. 23:

* The group congratulates Kristine Drew, who successfully defended her MSc. thesis last week. Good luck in all of your future endeavors, Kristine! 

* This month, we also welcome PhD candidate Alyssa Moldowan from the University of Manitoba, who will be working with Paul as her advisor.

* At the end of this week, we bid farewell to Andrew Weatherbee as he heads off to study in Denmark. Safe journey, and good luck in your studies, Andrew!

* The installation of the infrasound array is progressing; trenching is complete and the team is now preparing for the vaults. More installation pictures have been added to the album.

Aug. 5:

* Footage very bright meteor captured by the sentinel camera in Collingwood on the night of Saturday, July 31 is now available here.

* Additional non-meteor footage has also been added here.

* A summary of the talks from the last two group meetings have now been posted. They include Andrew's talk on barometers and Jérémie's presentation on the tau-Herculids.

July 22:

* Videos of interesting/unusual non-meteor events seen by the all-sky cameras can now be viewed here. This section can also be found via the Reasearch page and the All-Sky Network page.

* Pictures from the infrasound installation are now available here. More will be added as deployment continues.

July 21:

* A bright meteor from the night of July 19 was seen on three of our all-sky cameras. The videos from this event can be viewed here.

* A summary of Rob's talk from last week's group meeting has now been posted. The topic was Simultaneous Radar and Electro-optical Observations of Meteors.

July 11:

* A summary of Jean-Baptiste's talk has now been posted.

July 6:

* Jean-Baptiste presented a talk at today's meeting on the potential landing site for the Mars Phoenix mission. Summary to be posted soon.

* The All-Sky Network page now has a map showing the locations of each camera. The page showing the latest images from the cameras is also live.

* Work began yesterday on the deployment of the infrasound array at Elginfield. The infrasound page will be updated with photos as the deployment progresses.