Meteor Infrasound

The Norwegian Fireball of June 7th, 2006

Meteorite Recovery Efforts


For 7 days starting on June 14th, 2006 meteorite recovery efforts were attempted. Mike Mazur and a colleague, residents of Norway , travelled to the suspected fall area in an attempt to both calibrate photographs made by eyewitnesses (above) and recover potential meteorites from the June 7th fireball. Despite hiking several kilometres into the wilderness no and searching for several days, no meteorites were found. However the conditions present where meteorites may have fallen was assessed. The easiest terrain to recover material covered no more then 20% of the total area and consisted of exposed bedrock and short, ankle-high grasses and plants (see picture below). These areas it was accessed that only larger sized meteorites (several 100 grams or larger) would be have been able to be seen from a distance. The remaining 80% of the suspected recovery zone consisted of moderate-sized lakes and peat bogs, areas where, if had meteorites had fallen, they would be generally unrecoverable.

Mike Mazur: Searching the suspected meteorite strewn field in Northern Norway. This represents the most promising area for meteorite recovery.

Panoramic view of the area for meteorite recovery