Meteor Infrasound

The Elginfield Infrasound Array (ELFO)

Interesting (non-meteoric) Events detected by ELFO


Propane Storage Facility Explosion, August 10, 2006

At dusk on August 10, 2008 the Downsview region of the city of Toronto, Ontario was rocked by two powerful explosions from the Sunrise Propane Industrial Gases Storage Facility south of the Downsview airport (43.733°N, -79.473°W, Fig. 3b). This resulted in a fire that engulfed the entire facility, causing several more powerful explosions as propane tanks erupted. Surrounding residential homes were damaged as windows shattered and doors were taken off hinges. The explosions caused the evacuation of thousands of residents over 1.6 km wide area and shut down al 16 lanes of nearby HWY-401 (Canada’s busiest highway). The fireball and explosions could be seen for many km’s as it rose more than 200 m into the sky. One firefighter and a Sunrise employee were killed.

ELFO observed several arrivals from the multiple explosions (Fig. 3a). Azimuths and time delays are consistent with direct tropospheric arrivals for the two main explosions, while a low amplitude wavetrain (likely associated with small explosions/fire) can be seen afterwards for ~9 min.

Yield estimates for the two main explosions give: 46-128 & 118-125 tons of eq. TNT.

Figure 3a


Figure 3b (affected area)