Meteor Radar Observations

The Canadian Meteor Orbit Radar (CMOR)

Remote Sites


In addition to the main receiver site, two outlying receiver sites receive signals from the main site 29.85 MHz system. These remote sites are located 8.1 and 6.2 km from the main (Zehr) station.     


Each site consists of a 29.85 MHz receiver which upconverts the received signals to a UHF frequency to be sent back to the main site via a remote UHF link.

remote site block diagram

An example of an observed echo detected at all three sites is shown below. The top trace shows the signal amplitude as a function of time at the main site (where all five receiver signals have been incoherently stacked), with the other two stations shown below the top trace. Note the time shown in the entire window is approximately 1sec. The fiducial points chosen for time offset comparisons are shown as veritcal green lines.