Meteor Infrasound

The Elginfield Infrasound Array (ELFO)

Interesting (non-meteoric) Events detected by ELFO


Methamphetamine Lab Explosion, April 24, 2007

At ~10pm an explosion from a rural farm house at 11543 Ilderton Road (43.0566°N, 81.4411°W) was reported by area residents. The resulting fire engulfed the home as dozens of regional volunteer firefighters fought to contain it. Police remarked that the two-storey home had its entire north and rear walls blown outward revealing the interior of the home before the fire had ignited. One man was rescued and taken to hospital for burns and smoke inhalation, while his wife and two children escaped uninjured. The family dog was killed. While house fires are not unusual, these reports of an explosion prompted a search for infrasound from the event for confirmation. At 2:09:30 UT (10:09:30 EDT) a short, 30 second impulse from the direction of the home (195.4°) was discovered (Fig 2). From period and amplitude measurements of the pulse the explosion was equivalent to ~160 lbs of equivalent TNT (Whitaker 1995).

Investigations discovered the explosion was caused by ignition of chemicals in the basement due to an illegal drug and marijuana lab. The man and wife were charged with: arson with disregard for human life, arson with negligence, possession and production of drugs and marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.

~30 second pulse (below) of the explosion which destroyed an Ilderton house (top)


The observed blast as recorded at the ELFO array