Meteor Infrasound

Future Infrasound Projects


Automated detection of meteor infrasound using cross - correlation/wavelet analysis

  • Existing 20 optical – infrasound events used as template to develop algorithm to search for additional probable meteor infrasound events
  • Examine radar meteor events recorded during daytime for additional probable triggered meteor infrasound
  • Questions to be addressed:
    • How often do meteors produce infrasound at the ground?
    • Influx of smaller meteoroids capable of producing infrasound?>
    • Signal characteristics and variation among meteor infrasound?
    • Causes of these signal variations (source vs propagation)

Seismo – Acoustic coupling measurement for Meteor infrasound

  • Orion Seismic units deployed near ELFO array elements
  • Compare acoustic and seismic signals using similar analysis to that performed with Stardust
  • Measurements of soil properties (density, water content, refraction survey)
  • Constrain Ben – Menahem and Singh theory
  • Extend to Poroelastic/Biot theory