Electro-Optical Observations

Deep GenII System


This system is designed for detection of very faint (+8 to +9) meteors over modest (~ 5 degree) field of view. The components of the system are shown below:


Component (a) is a 155mm f/1.2 Catadioptric lens, (b) is a Litton 25 mm diameter Generation 2 image intensifier, (c) is a relay lens which focuses the light from the output phosphor at the back of the Gen 2 to the CCD camera, shown as element (d). The CCD used is a COHU model 4910 which records 30 NTSC frames per second at 640x480 resolution. This output is then streamed to a digitizer and computer and stored to disk. An example of a meteor event detected with the system is shown here.

This movie shows the output from the deep gen II system slowed down a factor of 10. The field of view is 6.6 degrees and the faintest star visible has V= +11. The meteor has a peak brightness of +5.5.