Electro-Optical Observations

Research Projects


  • Studies of lightcurves of multi-station meteors to estimate physical structure of meteoroids
  • Flux and mass distribution studies of the sporadic background and individual showers
  • Spectra of meteors to establish basic chemistry of associated meteoroid
  • Use of CAMO mirror system to study deceleration and fragmentation of meteors as a means to examine detailed orbital evolution for individual shower meteoroid
  • Use telescopic gated camera and nearby intensified telescopic system to examine height distribution of faint meteor population as a means of estimating physical structure
  • Use telescopic gated camera to study wake/fragmentation in faint meteors
  • Use CAMO high resolution, wide field system to measure deceleration and estimate bulk density of meteoroids
  • Use multi-station CAMO data to estimate debiased height distribution of meteors in various mass ranges to search for possible high altitude component
  • High precision measurements of meteor velocity using the CAMO system to perform optical search for hyperbolic meteoroids