Meteor Infrasound

The Norwegian Fireball of June 7th, 2006

Location of the Fireball in Norway


Using the azimuth intersections from the Swedish (IRF) infrasound data a location of 68.860 oN,  22.204 oE  is found (Burst 1 – IRF intersections) just over the Norway-Finland border. The azimuth intersection from the long range CTBTO infrasound data places this position further to the NW at 69.782 oN,  24.246 oW (Burst1 – CTBTO). An average between these two positions places the terminal point of the fireball to the north of the KTK1 seismic station. A separate method that uses the arrival times of the seismic observations (and the initial observation at Kiruna) along with a reconstructed atmosphere model from June 7th, allows a 4D location for the terminal point to be found in a similar way in which earthquakes are located in the solid Earth. This position lies at 69.203oN, 22.396oW at an altitude of 43 km occurring at ~00:06:28 UT.