Fireball Events

The Tagish Lake Fireball and Meteorite [18-Jan-2000]

Recovery Photos


Meteorite recovery team around ice block containing meteorite fragments. Alan Hildebrand recovering meteorite out of ice. Close up of meteorite fragment in ice block. Meteorite recovery team near quads and snowmobiles. Meteorite recovery team posing. Meteorite recovery team planning their route. Phil McCausland cutting into ice with chain saw to recover meteorite fragments. Meteorites drying on aluminum foil. Alan Hildebrand cutting into ice with a chain saw. Recovering bits of a meteorite with chopsticks. Recovery of fragments from meteorite hole. Typical meteorite hole find, marked with a small branch. Alan Hildebrand recovering a block of ice containing meteorites. Ice block with visible meteorite inside. Recovering good meteorite specimen. Many meteorites recovered looked friable like this one. Alan Hildebrand holding a block of ice containing a meteorite fragment. Members of the team standing next to their ATVs. ATVs on ice. A large meteorite fragment on a piece of aluminum foil. Meteorite fragments in the freezer. A large block of ice getting ready to be removed from the ground. The team is enjoying their lunch in the cold surroundings. Labeled meteorite hole. Removing meteorite fragments with a spoon. Cutting through ice with a chainsaw. The team near their ATVs and snowmobile. Alan Hildebrand holding ice encased disaggregated meteorite fragment. Single large fragment weighing 150g. Ice covered meteorite hole.  Around mid-May. Flower shaped ice covering is typical frost covered meteorite hole as seen in mid-May. Howard Plotkin on the ice near recovered fragment. Strewnfield of a large ~2 kg fragment at extreme southern end of the fall ellipse. Strewnfield of large 2kg piece.  Each orange ribbon represents a single identifiable piece. Mike Mazur using bent spoon and turkey baster to recover meteorites. Typical disaggregated meteorite fragments in melt water. Typical disaggregated meteorite fragments in melt water. Intact meteorite fragment showing fusion crust. Meteorite fragment deep in ice. Meteorite fragment seen through ice. Meteorite fragments just below ice, size shown relative to camera lense cover. Meteorite hole with visible fragments. First meteorite hole found. A large meteorite fragment in the ice. A large block of ice in the ground. Chips of ice near a hole. Meteorite bits under water.  (Note:  ink leaked through the image) Meteorite identification. Meteorite fragment in ice next to lense cap.
The meteorite recovery team.  From left to right:  Howard Plotkin, Peter Brown, Margaret Campbell, Phil McCausland. Meteorite team in front of meteorite find (marked with small branch). Phil McCausland cutting through the ice with a chainsaw. Margaret Campbell. Meteorite fragment resting just below the surface of the ice.

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