Meteor Infrasound

The Elginfield Infrasound Array (ELFO)

The Elements


Each element of the ELFO is housed in a vault designed to minimize temperature variations and possible water intake. The equipment housed in the vault includes the microbarograph (microphone), a UPS/GPS and digitizer.

The microbarographs are Chapparal model 2.5 units made by Chappral Physics. They have a nominal lower frequency response to the 3 dB point of 0.05 Hz. The upper limit is set by the Nyquist limit of our digitizer frequency (100 Hz). Our units have 12 inlet ports.


Shown below are the individual elements of the Elginfield Array. Their locations on a map are shown *here*.


This is the Center Element, or CELE, Center ELEment.


Shown above is the Northeast Element, also NEELE, from NorthEast ELEment.


This is the Southern Element, or SELE, Southern ELEment.


Also shown here is the Northwest Element, also NWELE, from NorthWest ELEment.