SOMN Fireball event of March 16, 2009


At 8:37 pm on Sunday evening, March 15, 2009 (01:37 UT March 16) five cameras of Western's Southern Ontario Meteor Network recorded a fireball in the evening sky east of Toronto.

The slow fireball may have dropped small meteorites in a region between Newmarket and Lake Simcoe, providing masses that may total as much as a few hundred grams.

Researchers at the Royal Ontario Museum and at Western are interested in hearing from anyone who may have witnessed or recorded this evening event, or who may have found fragments of the freshly fallen meteorite.

For help with possible meteorites, please contact Dr. Kimberly Tait (416-586-5820) or

For more information on the meteor event and to report observations of this event, please contact Dr. Phil McCausland (519-661-2111 x87985) or

Fall Map

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Fall Map for Fireball of March 16, 2009


Still photos from the March 16 event (click to enlarge)







Videos of the March 16, 2009 event