SOMN Fireball event of October 15, 2008


At 05:28 am on Wednesday morning, October 15, all seven cameras of Western's Southern Ontario Meteor Network recorded a bright, slow fireball in the predawn sky.

Camera 06 Orangeville movie (lights at bottom are an aircraft)

The best trajectory solution suggests the fireball was luminous to an altitude of 38 km at which point it was moving 8-9 km/s. The initial velocity at the top of the atmosphere was 17 km/s.

The fireball is suspected to have dropped meteorites in a region north of Guelph, providing masses that may total as much as a few hundred grams.


Fall Map

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Researchers at Western are interested in hearing from anyone who may have witnessed or recorded this early morning event, or who may have found fragments of the freshly fallen meteorite.

Please contact Dr. Phil McCausland (519-661-2111 x87985) or for more information on the event and for aid in identifying possible meteorites.


Still photos from the Oct. 15 event (click to enlarge)




Tavistock : head-on!



Videos of the Oct. 15 Event