All-Sky Events

Here are some example events which shows typical all-sky detections. If you require additional software to play video files produced through ASGARD, please try one of the following links : MPlayer VLC

20090215 00:41:00 UTC

20081102 22:54:58 UTC (Earth grazer seen around dusk)

20081028 03:17:39 UTC

20081015 09:27:59 UTC (probable meteorite dropper)

20080928 05:51:43 UTC (fog seen on Kincardine camera)

20080804 04:17:14 UTC (fast meteor)

20080627 07:12:48 UTC (visible fragmentation)

Guided Events

Here are some example events (sorry, no thumbnails) from a test version. The 'wide' links refer to the wide field camera (~30 degree field of view) while the 'narr' links refer to the narrow field telescope view (about 1.5 degree field of view).

20080710 06:39:04 UTC
wide narr

20080710 07:15:29 UTC
wide narr

20080715 05:35:34 UTC
wide narr

20080715 05:41:12 UTC
wide narr

20080715 05:45:16 UTC
wide narr