About Me

My name is Rob Weryk, and I was previously a postdoctoral research fellow at Western studying meteor physics.

My thesis research was on simultaneous observations of meteors using the Canadian Meteor Orbit Radar and some Gen3 image-intensified CCD cameras. These systems are sensitive to meteors down to a limiting mass of about 10-8 kg. These observations are very important as they will calibrate the radar and optical mass scales which will help provide more accurate meteoroid flux measurements. They will also help to better understand some system biases present in the radar data that the optical systems do not suffer from. You can see an example meteor seen on both systems in the two images near the bottom of this page. The long colour lines are 'echo lines' - that is, you should only see radar echoes when the meteor is at a point along one such line while traveling perpendicular to it. The second picture shows the received radar power as a function of time, both for the main radar station, and two remote sites. The time offsets can be used to compute the atmospheric trajectory independently from the video solution.

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