Tagish Lake in the news

Source of oldest, rarest meteorite found. or local.

Rare Canadian Meteorite Tagged as First of Its Kind Found on Earth. or local.

Unique B.C. Meteorite a hot find. or local.

 Arctic Asteroid
 Chemists Find Primordial Clues in New Meteorite
 Meteorites may be most primitive
 Primordial meteorite defies known categories
 Canadian Meteorites May Be Oldest Ever Found
 NASA studies prisine Yukon Meteorite
 Yukon Meteorite recovered!
 Meteorite may offer new window on old universe

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Meteorite analysis pages (.pdf format)

Tagish Lake: A Special New Type 2 Carbonaceous Chondrite Fall
Carbon (And Eventually Nitrogen and Argon) in the Tagish Lake (Yukon) Carbonaceous Chondrite.

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